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Frizztext weekly challenge reached Q this past Tuesday where he wrote very movingly about Q for Quietness.  A quietness he experienced himself.  To complete the narrative the reader must also read his reply to Tina Schell.

The only word that came to my mind when I saw the letter Q was queen.  For sure not a topic that interests me, so I had to sit down and think. That was when my eye caught a little booklet my eldest son gave my some years ago.

So Q from me is for Quotations.

q I saw the little paper sticking out and after taking the picture, I opened the book to see why  I put a marker in there.

John Lennon  an interview in Evening Standard

4 March 1966 :

We’re more popular than Jesus now: I don’t know which will go first – rock ‘n’ roll or Christianity

Travel theme: LIGHT

This weeks travel theme from Ailsa:  LIGHT

As a small child we used to live in a rural town and had no electricity in our home.  I loved to play with the flame of the candle and was always reprimanded about it.  Just imagine my disappointment when we moved to the city and had a switch that provided light and no flame to play with.  Off cause my mother loved the convenience of an electric stove etc.

wonderland by light

wonderland by light


fairyland by light

fairyland by light


A guiding light

A guiding light


tagged P

With a shock I realised that I haven’t done a blog with Frizz tagged letters.  That was mainly because I could not decide which word to take.

That was when I realised that I am free to use the same letter for more than one theme.  😀

1. P for petunia

Since I can remember I loved gardening.  Maybe I was more of a nuisance than any help, but I can remember “helping” in the garden since I was a toddler.  One of the annuals my mum used  to plant and which I really liked, was petunias.  Later on when I started my own garden, they were always a natural choice.

petunias in vaatjie

young petunias in an old wine barrel


a closer view


in Mechelen

2. P for Parents

ma en pa trouportret





Dad showed him ?

We were still  apprentices in the role as parents.  2 more sons and 30 years later I realise it can never be done perfectly but we managed not too bad

Travel Theme: contrast

Initially I thought that I would have to skip this  theme from Ailsa’s backpack

I really did not know what to contribute and was looking for something totally different when I found this picture

Pre- and post War.

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial church in Berlin



My husband was not feeling well so we literally just spent a short moment there but it was one of the few things to see I had on my bucket list.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

snip WP daily

......and up we go

……and up we go

For more interesting and inspiring messages, see more links here



weekly travel theme : PALE

The pale colours that was used on this building fascinated me.Now I can use this picture for  the  weekly theme Ailsa came up with  😀


At Saint Louis train station


snip WP daily

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

The theme for this week is color.  My personal favourite is any pastel of which pink is one of the top ones.

My father-in-law used to tell me that pink is only a suppressed form of red and that red is the color that represents anger and rage.  In other words, he told me,  I try to suppress the rage in me!! But no, that is not what I experience.


apicots and yellows

pinks and mauves

pinks and mauves

Altough I drive a white car (NO not a pink one!!), somehow any red vehicle will catch my eye

sporty red

sporty red

vintage red

vintage red

antique red

antique red

Thank you daily post.  it was fun to compile this blog

jakesprinter: Sunday post

This week’s Sunday post from Jakeseprinter :


On passing an entrance I always wonder what can be found behind it. When I browsed through my photo archive I was surprised to see how many were captured by me.


here I just peeped in


also just a peep through the openings


here I had to go through the entrance to attend the funeral of an aquaintance


we were rushing to the train station and I just went in to have a quick peep


a little Indian restaurant in Leuven

of them

N was tagged

N stands for nut

I asked my husband for a word starting with a N to help me participate in this weekly challenge from Frizz.

He came up with a VERY senseless  word and then he said NUTS

We visited a botanical garden where the inquisitive inhabitants are always on the lookout for nuts and other edible titbits. I was very lucky because they are quite shy and once they realised that you do not have anything to offer, they disappear very quickly.

some nuts for me?

some nuts for me?

would also like some.

would also like something to eat.