Sunday stills

sunday stills for this week

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Roads


Before we know it, autumn will be with us again



the A-Z challenge from frizztext  reached the Z and that gives me an opportunity to do a bit of bragging

This was painted by one of my children




Jakesprinter sunday challenge

I share with you pictures I took in one of the very beautiful  little German  villages we passed through this past Christmas holidays.




If my memory serves my right, the name of this village was Altevers

Weekly Photo Challenge: CREATE

When I saw the challenge I was wondering what I could share on this theme.

When we were already halfway to town this morning, I realised that my camera was left behind

Fortunately tegnology  evolved a lot these past years and I could still catch this creative lady on my sell phone.  I would have liked a charper image, but mine is one on the older phones when their cameras were not so hot

The process of making Brussels lace


A-Z Photo Challenge – Y


It seems to me that Yellow rules this timeImage

Travel theme: Secret Places

Ailsa, as promised here is my entry.

Secret Places.

This one was more difficult to me to decide which spot must it be.

To start with, I love to sit on my oldest brother’s stoep to watch this scene.

This is far down at the southern coast of South-Africa with Mossel Bay as their nearest town.

Then there is the little church at Belvidere near Knysna that I always love to go back to whenever the opportunity arises,

not really a secret place, but is not so well known.

This is about travel, but at the end of al travels there is only one place for me that I really want to go to

 My real secret place is right there in my own home where I can look out and enjoy this view.

I am away from home for the last 6-7 month, and this is the spot where I really want to be again.

(not the best quality, but I kept the shot for it’s sentiment)

SUNDAY POST : Famous Movies

the regular Sunday challenge from jakesprinter

Although I seldom go to movies, I do keep tract of the one’s that are more popular or famous than others.

Last year in March, we went to the St Katherine docks when we visited our son who lives in London.

This Beauty was on anchor there in the docks


oh Mein Papa


vadersdag in Suid-Afrika

05.07.1923 – 05.09.1999



have a look at frizztext blog to see all the other resourceful X blogs

X,  One of the letters in the alphabet that is very little in demand.

For the Romans however, it was a totally different story.

They used the X symbol  to represent the number  10

As a youngster  I chose my first watch because it had Roman numbers.


During the period 1490 to 1650 a family  with the name van’t Sestich lived in this house and had their surname put  in the gable of the house, using Roman numbers



this house is in Naamsestraat Leuven

once again thank you Frizz for all your challenges



Whenever I see water I want to take a picture.

When I saw the challenge I had to decide what to use.

What a massive mission.  In the end I decided on these pictures.

This little guy enjoyed the water so much, he did not even take notice of me.




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