Travel theme : ROUND

Ailsa has the most beautiful pictures for this weeks theme:  ROUND.  Make sure you do not miss it ~ to visit click HERE

This piece of modern sculpture amids the ancient in the Vatican fascinated me


round 2

Sphere by Arnaldo Pomodoro

read more about it HERE

other rounds I came across in the past.

One of the many domes of Rome.  Santi Luca e Martina a church in Rome Italy, situated between the   Roman Forum and the Forum of Caeser

round 3

Santi Luca e Martina

The clock in the beautifully restored train station of Leuven, Belgium


round 1

Leuven Train station

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Patterns


have a look at all the interesting challenges from Cee for bloggers to participate in.

the challenge for this week  PATTERNS


from an excavation in Rome

Weekly Travel theme: MISTY

Ailsa is giving these  interesting weekly themes.  This week  MISTY

I did not participate for quite some time and realised it is high time that I do so agian.

misty gekrimp

View from our front door one misty morning


Festival of Leaves: Week 10

cropped-logofestivalofleavesI see this is the last of a very enjoyable series on the theme of leaves

to see other entries visit the blog of verena


Aeonium arboreum

The leaves are arranged in a rosette and create lovely and interesting colour in a garden.  Because South Africa can have lots of very dry spells, succulents and other drought resistant plants are very  popular in our gardens

Festival of Leaves: Week 9


In the southern hemisphere summer is very eminent and the temperatures are rising very rapidly.  We were away for a long period and came back to a very neglected garden.  It took some time to nurse the plants back to good condition. Slowly but surely they start to show their appreciation.

This week I would like to show you my husband’s fig tree




Festival of Leaves: Week 8


to see more blogs on this theme, make sure to visit Verena’s blog

this is an old picture taken by some one in my family.  Ferns  are popular for their beautiful leaves.  My favurite is this maidenhair fern

09 vir later

taken in the tropical part of the two oceans aquarium – Cape Town

Festival of Leaves: Week 7

foilage is a never ending interesting topic for photography and Verena created a lovely opportunity to be on the lookout for leaves

we are moving towards summer but still have a lot of fresh young leaves to enjoy


young hydrangea leaves

Travel Theme :connections

These past months my time was not always my own and my blogging suffered a lot under it.

Ailsa announced a very interesting theme for this week : CONNECTIONS.

Visit her blog if you would like to get more links on this topic

SMARTIES : As a little girl I arranged them in little heaps.  It could have been two toned or tri-coloured heaps, depending on how I felt.  I formed patterns with them and even used to build little pictures with them.  Lately I only enjoy these tasty titbits but they always connect my mind with my childhood affinity for it.


Festival of Leaves: Week 6


once again an opportunity with verena to share our leavy shots

I am a bit slow this week. 

Want to share with you the leaves that grew in my kitchen window. This was my temporary kitchen while we were living in Belgium


parsley  lettuce and chives


At home here in South Africa I have more or less the same







This lettuce sowed itself and flourished in a crack on the stepping stones


Festival of Leaves: Week 5


Every week verena gives us the opportunity to celebrate nature with the Festival of Leaves challenge.  go there to get links to all the other wonderful leavy blogs.

my contribution was taken in the botanical gardens of Leuven in Belgium


First young leaves


cypress  variety


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