I know I am a bit late into the challenge with this one but would like to share it.

the theme Ailsa gave reminded me of this church in Maastricht

After the tower of St. Jan’s church was completed,  it was painted red and during the following centuries, this was redone several times.

It was build with a rather soft and porous stone. Pigment from the paint used holds protects the outer layer.






sunday post: MORNING





JAKESPRINTER  had me a bit on this one because I am not a morning person.

My children used to deliver news papers for Xtra pocket money and on rainy days Mom had to help out with transport.

can not tell you how nice it was when that became part of our past.

The times that I had to be up and about earlier than usual, I realised that I miss a wonderful part of a day.

Coffee helps me to get a good kick start.










sunday post: REFLECTION


Jakesprinter  chose one of my favourite topics.

This first photo was taken during last winter on my first ever snow experience


Hubby and I in front of the window of a restaurant.

any reflection of a bridge fascinates me.

Then spring came and all the window boxes were filled with an abundance of colour.


Once again a reflection in the window of a coffee shop

thank you jakesprinter for creating such enjoyable challenges.