Story Challenge W

While standing at the window and looking out at the now empty fields, a rhyme learned at school came to my mind. Then I realised:  THERE!  That is the story I want to tell for the W story challenge from frizztext.




Although the little poem refers to grain, we all know that wheat is generally used for bread.

(Maybe Frizz must verify my translation skills when it comes to the word Korn.)

Der Bauer baut mit Müh und Not
das Korn für unser täglich Brot.
Zum Müller wird das Korn gebracht
und feines Mehl daraus gemacht.
Der Bäcker nimmt das Mehl in Haus
und bäckt im Ofen Brot daraus.
Die Mutter streicht noch Butter drauf,
und wir? Wir essen alles auf.

Loosely translated it tells of all the labour the farmer, the miller, the baker and then the mother put in to provide a sandwich.

then we (the children) come and  just eat it.


still baking


the freshly baked bread

Yes, I baked the bread and just after that first slice was cut, my children smelled it and came down in a hurry to enjoy their share.


Weekly photo challenge : REFLECTIONS

Firstly I would like THE DAILY POST for Jared’s wonderful tip for an unique and different shot

Reflection in my kitchen window