Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea


The daily post

Imageselected SEA for this weeks theme.

The beach closest to us already appeared in this weeks Challenge.

Bloubergstrand is one of the most popular beaches and a visit to Cape Town is not complete if you were not there.  When looking directly towards the Atlantic ocean, Robben Island is visible on the horison


the sun sets just left of Robben Island

Then, looking towards Cape Town, this well known view will never fail to take your breath away


just before sunset


Table Bay from Bloubergstrand

the weekly Photo challenge


ImageThis week the challenge from the Daily post is focused on focus. With an ordinary point and shoot camera, it is not always possible to choose the focal point.   (maybe I am also too ignorant to know how to go about it).

But sometimes I manage to get the  focus on the object I want it to  😛


the first try


mission accomplished – after a number of takes

From time to time it goes much better.


o Rosemary

and sometimes I feel quite satisfied with the results


an apple blossom

Festival of Flowers week 11

festival of flowers

Flowers always give me great joy that is why I love to participate in this challenge


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Weekly Photo Challenge: CAREFREE

daily press

For this  weekly photo challange I considerd a lot of routes to go.

The image the sculptors wanted to portray might have been that of a relaxed carefree moment in these persons lifes.

In the Centre of stellenbosch South Africa

In the Centre of stellenbosch South Africa

Darwin in the National Brittish Museum  London

Darwin in the National Brittish Museum London


somewhere in Ghent Belgium

somewhere in Ghent Belgium

Were they really carefree or just at peace?  Who knows.

Festival of flowers week 9

festival of flowersmy contribution to this exiting challenge

We live in the Southern hemisphere and Spring is in the air!
It is still cold and winter is definitely not over yet but I noticed the first tentative signs of spring in my garden.

These are indigenous plants to South Africa

01 dombeya

wild pear

05 bloukappie

blue bonnet

Festival of flowers

festival of flowers

Jackie started a new theme,  Festival of Flowers,  that is realy up my alley.  It is already in its 8th week and I discovered it only today!

This is my first contribution

Indiginous to South Africa where the aloes flower mostly in winter