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For me it is Back home in South Africa

These are just some loose opinions that came to my mind

 After living for more than a year in Europe, I have mixed feelings about been home again.

I live in a beautiful sun filled country where I can take my dogs (who followed me like my shadow the first few days) for walks at a nearby dam.  I missed it and they must have missed it as well.


the nearby dam


my doggies

 We were a British Colony and then we had an European orientated government .  Yes I know the previous regime had its shortcomings  –  I do not want to make this a political post.  All I can say is: Now we live in an African ruled country and that is vastly removed from what we were used to. In some regions the racial conflict is also still perceptible. 

We expect visitors from Germany in a view weeks. The one couple visited South Africa about 4 years ago and fell in love with the beauty it offers.  The other couples were very hesitant but after meeting us, decided to come to South Africa as well.  I just hope and pray they would not fall victim to our country’s crime. 


South African country side

When asking me which country I prefer, my answer  is:  If there were a place with the best of both, I would choose that.


Ps: unfortunately, I do not have so much free time a more, so my blogging will be a bit erratic